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Updated Energy Storage Directories for Companies and Funding Sources: Q2 2015

Both directories were updated.

There were no significant entrants in the world of energy storage technology providers. The bulk of the funding events disclosed so far appear to have gone to integrators or battery manufacturers.

Among funders, a large percentage of participants in funding events this year have previously made investments in energy storage.  This is significant: late last year, there was a good amount of pessimism among traditional funders. On the other hand, the world of energy storage has not seen breakthroughs of any kind lately, either in technology or in cost, and there is no interesting new technology approach being discussed.

I was hoping to start seeing some validation for the new technology provider entrants of the past few years – there were many exciting ones in 2012 and 2013. But so far there is only silence among them. No news is not good news in the startup world:-)