Energy Facts

It is not difficult to understand energy storage issues without some grounding in energy concepts. Here are discussions of some energy issues we find valuable:

Does energy behave like a commodity?  The answer is ‘no,’ by the way.

Why are wind and solar in some ways more difficult to deal with than fossil fuel plants? The issue is unpredictable variability.

How can we use wind and solar so that they can be used interchangeably with fossil fuel plants? Now grid operators pair them with gas-powered plants. In the future, we need to pair them with energy storage systems.

What is nameplate capacity?

What is the difference between energy and power? It is a critical one.

What is the availability factor of a power plant?  The capacity factor is a better concept to use.

What is the capacity factor a a power plant?   Possibly the most critical concept in power grid management.

Let us know if there are other concepts that you feel we should add to this list by contacting us!