energy storage company directory

This directory focuses on grid-connected storage for renewable energies.

technology providers


  • NHThree   solid state ammonia synthesis SSAS

chemical storage

  • Boulder Ionics    manufacturing high-purity ionic liquids for batteries/ supercapacitors
  • Cnano nanotubes for energy storage applications
  • EnerG2    materials for Li-Ion, lead acid, supercapacitors
  • eSionic    engineered-molecules (porphyrins) liquid electrolytes
  • QuantumScape    electron storage batteries
  • Simbol Materials   extract and refine battery materials (Li, Mn, Zn), geothermal brine extraction
  • SiNode    anodes for Li-Ion batteries

flow batteries

lead acid batteries

liquid metal batteries

  • Ambri    previously Liquid Metal Batteries

lithium ion batteries

  • A123 Systems  out of bankruptcy, now owned by Chinese concern Wanxiang Group
  • AllCell Technologies    phase change thermal management for hot environments
  • Altairnano    lithium titanate Li4Ti5O12 (LTO), purchased 2012 by Chinese Canon Investment Holdings, moving to China
  • Ballast Energy    cost reductions through the structure of battery scaling
  • Boston-Power    China, blocks and modules, custom and application-specific battery design
  • BYD    China, Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 (LFE), Warren Buffett owns some stock
  • CALB    China, state-owned
  • Johnson Controls    expanding outside automotive
  • LG Chem    Korea
  • Lithium Energy Japan    Japan, GS Yuasa + Mitsubishi venture, some applications packaged for energy storage
  • Lithium Energy and Power GmbH    Germany, next generation Li-Ion battery development
  • Microvast   US but R&D and manufacturing in China, LTO, LFE
  • Oxis Energy UK Lithium sulfur
  • Panasonic    Japan (also includes Sanyo)
  • PolyPlus    lithium air, lithium water, lithium sulfur
  • Saft    France
  • Samsung    Korea, LMO (Lithium manganese oxide), kept batteries & R&D from dissolved SB LiMotive Joint Venture w/ Bosch
  • Sanyo    owned by Panasonic
  • Seeo    solid state polymer
  • Sion Power    lithium sulfur, license from Polyplus
  • Tianjin Lishen    China, factored into other company products (Coda)
  • Toshiba    Japan, SCiB (LTO)
  • XALT Energy    previously Dow Kokam, purchased by Townsend Ventures (controlling interest)
  • (Grid Edge) 4R Energy    Japan, Nissan/ Sumitomo joint venture
  • (Grid Edge) Sonnenbatterie     based in Germany, owned by Prosol, residential storage systems, factors Eguana inverters
  • (Grid Edge) Stem    previously Powergetics
  • (Grid Edge) Tesla partnership with SolarCity (factors Panasonic)

metal air batteries

molten salt batteries

nickel iron batteries (grid edge)

sodium ion batteries

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)/ liquid air

electromagnetic energy storage


Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)

Electrothermal Energy Storage (ETES)


grid-tie inverters (GTIs)

Most products list as wind- or solar-specific but can be used in storage systems. Integrated storage solutions are inverters that allow grid tie for both renewable generation and energy storage.

utility scale

grid edge for grid use (in development)

  • Eguana Technologies   previously Sustainable Energy Technologies,  integrated storage+solar products
  • Fronius    Austria, hyper-
  • Ginlong  China, limited track record outside China, combine wind + solar
  • Goodwe    China, limited track record outside China
  • Ideal Power    some integrated storage products, packaged by EOS Energy
  • Outback Power    some integrated storage products, distributed residential
  • Platinum    Germany, acquired by Mutares AG from Diehl in 2013, now in bankruptcy
  • Power-One    owned by ABB, some integrated storage products
  • SolarMax    Switzerland, owned by Sputnik Engineering
  • Solax Power    China, limited track record outside China, integrated storage products
  • Xantrex      owned by Schneider, web site for low power products only, XW integrated storage products (not listed on site), distributed residential

hydroelectric pumped storage


The hydrogen sector is broad. Here we focus on what can be used for grid-connected storage in relation to renewable energies. For instance, fossil fuel steam reforming is not in the scope.

  • Acta   Italy, electrolysis + fuel cell
  • AFC Energy   UK, platinum-free fuel cell
  • Areva   France, strategic partnership with Schneider, electrolysis + fuel cell
  • Ballard Power Systems    H2 fuel cells, distributed generation+
  • ENrG    ultra-thin ceramic membranes for HT fuel cells
  • Firewater Fuel    platinum-less electrolysis
  • GEI Global Energy    acquired by Suja Minerals, hybrid fuel cells+batteries
  • Hydrexia    Australia, solid MgH2 hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogenics    Electrolysis + fuel cell
  • ITM Power   UK, electrolysis
  • McPhy   France, electrolysis + solid MgH2 hydrogen storage, acquired Enertrag HyTec
  • Proton OnSite   electrolysis
  • GE Energy     H2 turbine (PDF) (only operating H2 turbine in world, at Fusina, IT)
  • Siemens   Germany, H2 turbine
  • Toshiba    Japan, H2 turbine (progress unclear)

kinetic energy – flywheels

management and operating systems for energy storage

  • 1Energy Systems    ESS softare harness
  • Demand Energy    real time energy management OS
  • Enbala    previously Semba, use existing demand-side process energy storage to time-shift load
  • GELI     real time energy management OS
  • Greensmith Energy Management    battery-agnostic operating system, integration
  • Intelligent Generation  distributed network storage as a virtual power plant
  • Nation-E    energy storage management and cyber security
  • Toshiba    Japan, μEMS grid management system includes batteries, acquired Consert
  • Viridity Energy    energy dispatching systems management with storage, factors Axion Power batteries
  • Xtreme Power  battery management system (BMS), in bankruptcy reorganization

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

storage with concentrated solar thermal (CSP)

other thermal storage

  • (Grid Edge)  CALMAC   off-peak cooling
  • CRYOGEL    ice balls
  • Halotechnics   heat storage materials: molten salt, molten glass
  • (Grid Scale/Grid Edge)  Ice Energy   off-peak cooling
  • Isentropic   UK,  pumped heat storage between two gravel tanks at different temperatures
  • (Grid Edge) Steffes   off-peak heating

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) integrators

Companies with national or international footprint only.  Some entries may be present under both categories (“technology providers” and “ESS integrators”).

This directory focuses on grid-connected storage. Did we leave a company out (we did for sure…)? Request us to add to or edit the directory here.


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