energy storage funding directory

Who has funded energy storage ventures in the last six years:

  • all documented funding sources since 2009 for grid energy storage ventures listed in the energy storage directory;
  • directory includes funding sources for some (but not all) energy storage ventures that do not focus on grid energy storage (e.g. car and device batteries);
  • documented sector focus for the funding firm may not be, and often is not, an exclusive focus;
  • date between brackets, e.g. [2009], is date of last energy storage investment.

traditional investors

energy sector focus

cleantech sector focus, no energy sector focus

materials sector focus

software sector focus

no energy or cleantech sector focus

industrial corporations investing into energy storage companies

Either directly or through a venture arm.

grant sources

Energy storage ventures may also obtain funding from grant sources, rather than traditional investors. The following grant sources have funded energy storage ventures since 2009.

export development

In general in the form of loans.

developing world support

  • International Finance Corporation    branch of the World Bank, developing world, some focus on renewable energies, sustainable development, and infrastructure [2011]


Made easier by recent changes in US securities laws. How it can work: one company’s experience.


Energy storage ventures have a long lead time, sometimes too long for the venture capital industry. There is discussion today about philanthropy being a possible source of funds for energy storage ventures. We do not know of any direct philanthropic investment into energy storage to date, but two of the funds listed above (DBL Ventures, Clean Energy Trust) have philanthropic foundations as fund partners.


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