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Energy Storage Funding Directory: Q4 2015 Update

Finding funding often seems to be the hardest hurdle for a new venture. Figuring out who to talk to is the most critical step.

We keep track of all the past sources of funds for the grid energy storage industry since 2009. The most likely investor for an energy storage venture is the investor who is already familiar with the industry, and has a track record as an energy storage investor.

The last update to our Grid Energy Storage Funding Directory covers all 2009-2015 events that we are aware of (along with a few 2016 events):

  • for all companies that are a part of our grid energy storage directory;
  • and for some energy storage investors that have invested in the past in non-grid energy storage ventures, but that we feel may consider investing into a grid energy storage company.

Q4 2015 Update:’s Grid Energy Storage Funding Directory