Why Start EnergyMag.net?

What world are we, the millennials, inheriting from our parents and grandparents?

Our grandparents chose to be the flower children and experiment with perception-altering substances. Our parents decided that their primary goal was to make money. Neither of them took ownership for the problems of the world they are leaving us. They used it as they needed it, turned the heat on, did not replace what they took, left their garbage strewn around, and turned away to ask about social security – that is, us.

We can’t afford to turn away. We only have the world they left us, and it won’t keep running for us the way it has for them – not in the shape they left it. It is up to us to make of it what we can. If we don’t do it, nobody will do it for us.

I figure each one of us needs to make a difference where we think we can. To me, the biggest problem we face is renewable energy and its covalent issue, climate change. Our elders are in control of the political power of our times, and block any progress on climate change. More brilliant people than me are already working on renewable energies. I think I can contribute, in my limited way, by helping non-specialists understand the need for energy storage and the capabilities of its solutions, and by sharing information that can connect technologists, businesses and capital in the field of energy storage.

This is why I am starting Energymag.net. If this makes some sense to you, why don’t you subscribe to the blog and follow us on twitter?


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