Utility-scale inverters category added to energy storage directory

I was quite shocked by the response to the Energy Storage Company Directory: I received many tens of emails about it, with additions and edits requests, expressions of appreciation, discussions and suggestions. It is exciting – it must have filled a need. Thanks to this great feedback, the directory has improved a lot!

This week-end I added a new category for utility-scale inverters to the Directory.

Most members in the category are well established companies. Technologies are quite mature, with efficiency at 97% to 98% for most of the fielded products. While you find many products listed for use with wind or solar, very few of them are actually listed for energy storage (although they can all be designed into energy storage systems). This is something that I see changing over the next few years – definitely an opportunity for differentiation.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to email or comment on the directory. As with the other sections of the directory, this first try at the utility-scale inverter category will need plenty of improvement. Let me know what is missing, incorrect, or incomplete!

Energy Storage Company Directory


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