2015 Internships for Arrowhead Students

Interested in a virtual internship with EnergyMag.net? The application form is at the bottom of this page!

EnergyMag offers a limited number of virtual internships to high school students who want to make the world a better place by increasing the share of renewable energy in the world, learn about the energy storage industry, and get work experience in an exciting environment.

Why do we offer virtual internships?

  • The world that we are inheriting needs a lot of help. By developing and sharing information about a critical part of the infrastructure for our future, renewable energy storage, we help develop a consensus for what is needed, and provide others with the knowledge to make the right decisions.
  • We want to help motivated students acquire research and analysis skills into both science and business issues that will be immensely valuable to them for the rest of their professional lives.

What are virtual internships?

Virtual internships provide students the opportunity to gain on-the-job training in non-school settings without having to work on-site. Instead, internship hours are completed virtually from home.

Why choose virtual internships?

Both place-based and virtual internship experiences allow students to obtain work experience in fields of their choice while applying skills and knowledge learned in other courses taken within their educational program. But virtual interns reap additional, unique rewards:

  • They enjoy flexibility in fitting the internship experience into their busy personal and professional lives, since work can often be completed evenings and on weekends.
  • They have the opportunity to learn from experts regardless of their geographic location.
  • They strengthen their information and computer skills as they employ technology to communicate with their site mentor and conduct their work.

Internships are strong resume boosters, for employers, graduate college programs, and undergraduate programs.

Practical details

We offer 4-week half-time and quarter-time virtual internships. We expect our half-time interns to work approximately 20 hours per week, and our quarter-time interns to work 10-12 hours per week. You will work from your home, and be in daily electronic contact (skype, email, text, voice) with EnergyMag and your mentor.

What you will do: depending upon your graduation date, your academic record and your experience, we will ask you to research and analyze a specific company, a specific technology, a specific (narrow) market, or similar activities. You will get plenty of help in the process.

You will research your topic, find and get in contact with people who have the relevant information, and produce a draft analysis report, which will be published on the site after appropriate editing.

You will have a mentor, who will brief you, help you, supervise your work and answer your questions.  If you produce a publishable report (you will if you work hard and follow your mentor’s advice), we will give you an internship Letter of Accomplishment, which will summarize your work and our appreciation of it for any third party to which you wish to present it.
We are not for profit, and internships are unpaid.

What you will learn

Our goal for your internship is for you to learn on-the-job skills that are not easy to acquire at school, but that will make a big difference to your future professional success.

  • you will learn how to research a scientific or business issue
  • you will learn how to approach strangers with positions of authority in a friendly and professional manner, and get them to share valuable knowledge
  • you will learn to analyze and synthesize information obtained from multiple sources
  • you will learn to communicate professionally in writing, well enough to have any professional reader satisfied with your delivery.

Requirements for high school internship

  • at least one Honors Science or Honors English class (exceptions possible)
  • GPA over 3.25
  • A recommendation from your science teacher is helpful

Apply below


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