Energy Storage FAQs

For a small industry (so far), the energy storage industry is remarkably in-homogenious.

The reason, of course, is that there is no established direction of thrust for the industry that has the *best* answers. We are still in this early phase where many players are competing with fundamentally different technologies.

The consequence, though, is that we are all speaking different languages, largely issued from our technical backgrounds of origin. it is hard to understand all the different components of our industry, and to compare them on an equal footing.

So is trying to assemble a basic set of Energy Storage FAQs that can easily ramp up a novice in our industry. It is only a start – but we need your help to find out where we need to take it. Please let us know how we should complete it!’s Energy Storage FAQs

Energy FAQs for storage

Isn’t it hard to find a good source for the energy information that is required to make sense of the energy storage industry? is working at putting it together for you. We just published a new set of Energy FAQs for the energy storage industry.

Check it out and let us know how we should make it better and more complete!’s Energy FAQs for energy storage

Summer internships for 2014

We have several summer internships positions still open!

Are you a currently registered college student wanting to make a difference to the world while building up a strong resume? Come help us research the most promising companies in the field of energy storage – or work with us at building an education resource for those who want to learn about the potential of energy storage!

Summer Internships

the 170 firms that funded the last 5 years of energy storage

Who is funding grid energy storage startups?

The cleantech funding landscape has changed significantly over the past ten years.

To figure out who is funding grid energy storage today, I went through the 200 companies that are active in grid energy storage, and researched, for each one of them, who had raised funds in the past five years (since 2009), and from which sources.

To ensure that the funding source was still accessible, I tracked each funding source, and listed the last year in which it funded an energy storage company. When the source indicated that it had moved away from energy storage, I listed the change of focus as well.

I also researched a set of energy storage companies that do not focus on grid storage, but whose technologies are relevant to grid storage, and added their funding sources to the list.

The outcome is an exhaustive energy storage funding directory of the 170+ sources that have funded the last five years of grid energy storage startups.

I grouped these funding sources in what I felt were logical categories.

Traditional investors are venture capital or investment firms, which may have a focus on energy, on cleantech, on materials (for energy storage companies that work on materials), on software (for energy storage companies that focus on software), or on none of these. I listed separately industrial corporations that have invested (often for strategic reasons) in energy storage, either directly or through a venture capital arm.

Less traditional sources of funding may be giving grants or loans to energy storage companies in one form or another, may be formed as NGOs or semi-governmental organizations, or may be non-traditional investors. There is a surprisingly large number of them. I grouped them in several categories: sources of outright grants (of which the most famous is ARPA-e), export development banks, developing world banks, and crowd-sourced investing.

In the next few weeks, I will publish an in-depth analysis of this new energy storage funding directory. So keep checking!

Energy storage funding directory

Did we miss some sources of funding, possibly for funding rounds that were not publicized (we certainly did…)? Request us to add to or edit the directory here.

directory of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) integrators

The energy storage directory has taken a life of its own. I am using it much more than I expected. Its focus keeps on expanding, through both requests and needs of my own: it is now tracking approximately 200 companies. Two week ago, Tim Probert asked that I add a section for energy storage systems integrators (ESS) — he made me realize how much better the taxonomy would be, and what I had missed the first time around.

So here is my first shot at an ESS integrators directory, as a section of of the full energy storage directory. Since I focus on renewable energy storage, I listed players with stationary applications dealing with grid scale or grid edge storage.  I am not planning to list local or regional integrators.

Let me know what you think, how it could be made better, and who I should add. I am sure I missed significant players. I included a request form allowing listing requests at the bottom of the list.

ESS integrators directory

Utility-scale inverters category added to energy storage directory

I was quite shocked by the response to the Energy Storage Company Directory: I received many tens of emails about it, with additions and edits requests, expressions of appreciation, discussions and suggestions. It is exciting – it must have filled a need. Thanks to this great feedback, the directory has improved a lot!

This week-end I added a new category for utility-scale inverters to the Directory.

Most members in the category are well established companies. Technologies are quite mature, with efficiency at 97% to 98% for most of the fielded products. While you find many products listed for use with wind or solar, very few of them are actually listed for energy storage (although they can all be designed into energy storage systems). This is something that I see changing over the next few years – definitely an opportunity for differentiation.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to email or comment on the directory. As with the other sections of the directory, this first try at the utility-scale inverter category will need plenty of improvement. Let me know what is missing, incorrect, or incomplete!

Energy Storage Company Directory